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Imagine that you are fighter pilot and you are shot down while bombing an Army of Islamic Terrorists. You are about to be captured, what do you do now?

Or you can be captured and have your head cut off while your screams are reduced to an unrecognizable gurgling sound.
Or you can be put in a cage doused with gasoline and lit afire and burned to death withering in unspeakable agony.
Anyone who elects to surrender to Islamic monsters is choosing a hideous death.
Allow me to bring some facts as I see them to light. WW3 started in 1945 which is the war of world domination by Communists. The Communists were of course opposed by the West. Often referred to as a cold war, I doubt that those millions who fought this war with bullets and bombs in such places as Korea, Vietnam, Granada, etc would see it as a cold war. The West declared victory when the Berlin Wall came down and at that time I warned that the Communists would eventually become strong and would threaten us again. A scorpion will always be a scorpion. As we can all see this prediction is coming to pass.
World War 4 started or more correctly was resumed in the 1970s. Islam trying to take over the world started about 1,500 years ago but the battle began to heat up again about 40 years ago.  I have  been lecturing that this war will no doubt last hundreds of years unless we unleash all of our power to shut it down now. You have all heard me say that our grand children will be fighting this war with no end in sight. This week I have heard several retired Generals say that this war against Jihad will last 60 to 100 years. and that it will come to our homeland. No kidding.
Recent poles by respected world news groups found that 28 percent of Muslims world wide admitted to supporting Jihad. That is 440 million Muslims or half again the entire population of the United States. I have to believe that many Muslims who support Jihad were not inclined to admit that to pollsters and that 440 million is probably far below the real number. If you believe the news media and the current administration that there are just a handful of Muslim extremists you have not been paying attention.
There are only two ways that WW4 will end within a few short years. The West will surrender to Islam, (as we know Islam means submission) or we will use our most powerful weapons to destroy this threat. The only other option is to fight these monsters on their terms which seems the likely course of action and leaves us with a 100 year struggle. 
With the realities understood I suggest that each of us make a commitment to be prepared to be attacked and to fight no matter what the odds. The Islamic “Perfect Day” could endanger anyone of us. A general uprising allows no one to be safe from attack as victims will be selected at random. Furthermore it is essential that we train our children and grand children and teach them how to fight. 
I have accurately predicted a great many major events over the past 40 years not because I am smart because I am not. I am simply a student of history with the experience of having been a Combat Soldier and a Police Officer. I hope that you will take these few words seriously and think about who you might be able to train and prepare for the future that I envision. I assure you that it is coming.
Larry Mudgett
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