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Perquisite: Defensive Pistol 1-4

This course is based on the five day Combat Shotgun Course that Larry Mudgett developed and conducted for the Los Angeles Police Department.   

Subjects include Loading, unloading, chamber check, condition check, speed reloading, tactical reloading, malfunction clearing, sling techniques, field shooting positions, use of different size shot, use of slugs, zeroing, accessories, select slug drills, multiple target drills, close contact weapon retention shooting and transition drills.


Equipment list for the Combat Shotgun Course


This course is based upon the five day Tactical Shotgun Course that Larry Mudgett developed for LAPD Patrol Officers after the “North Hollywood bank robbery shoot out” in 1997. As the Chief Firearms Instructor for the LAPD, Larry taught this course for six years training hundreds of Patrol Officers. The course is built around the Remington 870 Police Shotgun. Other course approved slide action shotguns include the Mossberg 500 and the Winchester Model 1897. Other types of shotguns may be approved on an individual basis.  We can train you on a double barrel shotgun or a semi auto but the student will gain the most from this course by using a slide action shotgun. The shotgun must have rifle sights and an aperture rear sight is preferred. A good recoil pad is strongly recommended. A sling is required. A side saddle cartridge holder is strongly recommended. A butt cuff cartridge carrier is required. A magazine extension is desirable.

Ammunition: 100 slugs (low-recoil/reduced-recoil REQUIRED), 100 00 buck shot (recommend Federal Tactical 00 buck) and 100 bird shot loads will be required. We suggest that you use low recoil ammunition. Full power slugs and buck shot will become punishing by the end of the course and provide the shooter with no advantage. You should use the same exact slug load throughout the course as you will be shooting out to 75 yards and will need consistent ammunition. The same is true for the buck shot. Changing the buckshot load can change the pattern spread

Clean Shotgun Barrel

No Single point sling mount

No lights above bore

Pistol Grip shotguns are discouraged. 

Note- no live ammunition in the classroom for
Shotgun 1 nor on the range for Shotgun 2

Dummy rounds: A minimum of 12 A-Zoom dummy cartridges will be required. The entire second day of the will be conducted using A-Zoom dummy cartridges. The dummy rounds will continue to be used for skip loading extensively during day three and occasionally during day four. This item is not negotiable. We suggest that you acquire these early as finding the required number may require ordering them online. 

Tools required for adjusting the sights on your shotgun 

Knee pads and elbow pads are suggested 

Past Shoulder Pad: We strongly recommend that you wear a thin field grade Past Shoulder Pad under your shirt. This will prevent the butt of your shotgun from catching on the pad during rapid mounting. The pad will substantially reduce the effects of recoil which is cumulative. If you become sore and the recoil starts to cause shoulder pain you will no doubt start to flinch. Achieving a surprise break with the shotgun is difficult enough without being in pain. 

Binoculars will be helpful 

A shooting mat or a pad to use for shooting from the prone position 

A suitable pistol 

An appropriate holster as in Pistol 1-4

At least three magazines for the pistol 

A pistol magazine pouch 

One hundred accurate, safe and reliable factory pistol cartridges 

Six A-Zoom dummy cartridges for the pistol 

Boots or sturdy high top shoes must be worn to protect ankles 

Baseball cap 

Ear plugs and ear muff type hearing protection. 

Both clear and dark shooting glasses 

A wide heavy duty belt that will fit your loops to support your pistol 

Trousers with belt loops are required

Sun block is highly recommended 

One gallon of water (minimum) for each range day per shooter 

A pocket notebook to record all zeroing and range data 

A writing device (Pen/pencil) to record information in your notebook 

Cleaning kit is recommended including a cleaning rod 

Fire extinguisher is optional, please bring one if you can 

Personal first aid kit is suggested 

Your Training Note Book- Your note book should contain all the pre training documents we email to you and we suggest that you include a copy of the articles on our web site as we consider them part of the course. 

Seat cushion- Such as the type used at ball games.  You will be in your chair for 8 hours on Day One and anything that increases your comfort will be welcome. 

Dress in Layers: so that you can adapt to changing temperatures 

Recommended rear sight

Chair- Folding or Camping chair 


Sun Shade- Umbrella or Awning optional– Beware of strong wind gusts. 

Lunch- You may leave the range for lunch but it is not normally recommended.  Lunch is a time to relax and not rush to get back on time. 

If additional items are added to this list prior to the class you will be notified 

Note: Any questions regarding equipment please call us at 801-669-1886 

Larry and Stacey Mudgett

Marksmanship Matters