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It has been six months since I took your basic class. I normally revisit my training experience and notes at 3, 6 and 12 months to evaluate what I was taught, what I learned and what I have adopted.
I still consider it the best class I have ever attended. Much of what was taught was pretty close to what I learned directly from Jeff Cooper and Chuck Taylor 35+ years ago. That being said. Your basic course is superior because of things you teach that were not taught by them. As you know I took your class to fix a problem that I had identified, but was unable to fix on my own. After researching available instructors, it was my conclusion that yours would be the course to take, and my assumption was proved correct by the middle of the third day.
My biggest error in the class was shooting a gun with a safety, you had recommended against it, but I did not heed your suggestion. I assumed since manipulation of the safety was trained into me and was automatic that it would not be an issue. However, I found that in concentrating on the slightly different steps you teach for the presentation, the automatic did not occur. That showed up in the shoot off, the first bout I was thinking about each step and screwed up, after that I just reacted and everything went fine. I was hard headed and did not listen, If I had a do over it would be without the safety. I always listen to the instructor in class, why did I not listen before class?
I anticipated 60 to 90 days to be where I wanted to be, it was actually more like 5 months, but a lot of that was weather and not being able to get to the range to do the repetitions. My last two trips to the range had only good presses.
Thanks again for the best training available.


Hello Larry and Stacey,

I took my NRA handgun instructor certification class over the weekend. I was appalled at the gun handling and usage that these people employed! Day one we all told our background and these were all military and law enforcement. Every single one of them covered me with a firearm at one point in the two days. I was livid!

Thank you for the quality training that you have given to me and hundreds of others. It isn’t possible to get it anywhere else and I can never repay you sufficiently. You are making a difference in the world.

Thank you

Thanks for everything. I came away feeling better able to defend those around me and more comfortable with the weapons. You are doing a great job of helping all of us with our abilities. I look forward to more learning experiences and will never forget your counsel and the opportunity to work with you, and being trained with Bud and all the other attendees.  You are the best.
Hi Larry & Stacey,
Thanks for your email, it is good to here from you. I am back home in England now.
It was a very worth while trip to Utah. I did really enjoy it. It was an excellent course, I was very impressed with it. It was very professional. I am glad I attended. I would be happy to come over again some time, in the next year or two, and do another course with you. I  am impressed with all of the people I met. You are all good people. Your other instructors were excellent! You have produced a good productive training school, which genuinely cares about the people it trains. Very well done! Once again, thank you for letting me attend. I sincerely hope, I can attend another course with you, in the future.
God Bless you and God Bless America. Look forward to a possible return visit on a future course.
Kind Regards,
Geoff Booth.


Larry and Stacy,
Wanting to take another moment to say thank you for all the time you put in to teaching us throughout the last few days. We recognize and appreciate your dedication and all the efforts you make to instruct us and you do all of this so patiently! Yes, we have learned a lot about handling a firearm and marksmanship, but in addition because of your classes we have learned new things about each other. We have grown in our respect and trust for one another. That is a deeply valued benefit to taking your class together. Again our heartfelt thanks to you both and to Jeff as well.
Craig and Connie


“As an active police officer, I have trained with my firearms regularly since the academy. I have fired thousands of rounds, practiced countless drills, studied, and sought the help of some of the finest, proven marksmen I have had the good fortune to serve with. However, I was never satisfied with my ability, marksmanship, and improvement. After completing training through Marksmanship Matters, my weapon handling skills and marksmanship improved significantly. I have never had finer firearms training, and recommend their training without reservation. ”

Police Officer


I am so glad I took your defensive firearm training.
The classes began with classroom instruction, which I think was so necessary in teaching the importance of mind set, safety, and preparing for the days of actually learning how to handle a gun properly. Your classes cover so much information on defensive training, not just marksmanship. I feel very confident after the classes in using my gun safely. I was a student that had never used a gun before and now I feel safe and confident after attending these classes. I also know I have much more to learn!
I feel that you are both very highly qualified because of your many years in law enforcement. We are very lucky to have your both in our area. I encourage everyone to take your classes. They will learn so much more than just how to shoot well. I’m so glad I did!
Saratoga Springs, Ut


I have been to 4 different shooting schools and I have learned a lot from all of them. My wife and I have taken the handgun, rifle and defensive tactics from Marksmanship Matters and we plan on retaking these classes and taking the advanced classes and concealed gun fighting classes as well. There is so much more to learn than merely owning a handgun. At Marksmanship Matters, there is a strict adherence to gun safety, mindset, sight alignment, trigger control, and individual training. Larry and Stacey’s extensive training backgrounds allow them to focus on improving your shooting ability. I tell everyone about their class as I know it will improve their shooting ability. No training school spends as much time on those key elements (gun safety, sight alignment, sight picture, TRIGGER CONTROL, and ESPECIALLY MINDSET) as Marksmanship Matters does and those elements are VITAL! I plan on sending my kids to Marksmanship Matters when they are mature enough. I have encouraged several of my friends to take classes and ALL that have taken the class have become FANS of Marksmanship Matters.
You don’t know how truly unprepared you are to protect yourself until you take this class!
If I won the lottery, I would tell everyone to sign up for their class, pay for it and then dedicate themselves to all 5 days of training and upon completion, I would pay them a $1000. That is how strongly I feel about their life changing classes.
Thanks, Mica C.


It is with deep gratitude I write. The 40-hour pistol course you offer was an awesome learning experience. I thought that with lots of practice anyone could shoot a gun well. Boy was I WRONG!
The techniques learned in your class are very valuable assets that, in my opinion, EVERY patriotic citizen should possess. This asset no one will ever be able to take away from me, making it even more valuable. I realize however, the class was just a beginning and like with anything worth keeping needs to be cared for and cultivated.
Your professionalism and discipline in maintaining the safety in your class, accompanied by the one on one individualized teaching, was an important factor since I was unsure of myself and timid in the use of a weapon. Now I have the fundamentals and a confidence that I could defend myself or loved ones as I continue to apply and practice your teachings.
This has been the best class I have ever attended. The price you charge was such a small amount, compared to how much knowledge I took home with me. It was worth every penny, knowing now that I have learned the skills to help protect my loved ones. How could we put a price on that?
I so enjoyed your personal stories and experiences. They were always accompanied with a learning principle or explanation as to why we were practicing a certain drill. Besides that, they were GOOD stories!
I thank you with all my heart and hope that we will see you in Arizona come November!
p.s. I don’t mind if you would like to use any part of this letter as a testimonial on your web site.
I am almost tempted to move to Utah so I could attend the other classes you offer.


Prior to taking the defensive pistol course I was very nervous about owning a gun. It was something that I felt like I should do, but I had never shot a pistol or even held one and I was extremely anxious about it. The classes were formatted in such a way that I was able to learn how to manipulate my firearm safely and my confidence increased with each class. Each skill was taught in a structured way with specific steps which made it easier to learn. You were helpful and encouraging while still demanding our best efforts. I am pleased with the things I learned and hope to continue my training with Marksmanship Matters in the future.
Ranae Durfee
Feel free to use my name.


Like the majority of gun owners out there, I thought that if I bought a gun and shot it a lot at the range that I would magically acquire the skills I needed to defend myself and my loved ones with my weapon. This mentality continued until I took my first handgun class, which is when I was awakened to the fact that there was a lot I didn’t know. I became aware of Larry and Stacey Mudgett through a neighborhood defense class that they were conducting, and I signed up for their Defensive Pistol class. I had an awakening at this class. They spend the time needed to build a solid foundation that is the key to great shooting. They spend quality time on skills that other schools only briefly touch on, or skip over entirely. Their trigger drills are absolutely amazing, and give immediate and positive results. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting professional firearms training, and Larry and Stacey Mudgett from Marksmanship Matters, the finest instructors I’ve ever had the privilege of learning from.


The training that Larry and Stacey offer with Marksmanship Matters has become the foundation for my firearms practice. Being taught that “Perfect practice makes perfect” and learning proper techniques have been the greatest tools I have acquired to develop my abilities with a firearm.
Best class I have ever taken!
Louis B.


“After taking the Defensive Handgun class from Marksmanship Matters I understand how to handle a firearm properly but also I know the skills that are required to protect my family if I ever find myself in a life threatening situation. Larry and Stacey, I can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to protect myself and my family.”

~ Chris S.


I can’t tell you how happy I am with the instruction I’ve received at your course. The techniques that you teach have revolutionized my way of thinking about firearms. I feel so lucky to have access to your training. I forgot to tell you yesterday that skip loading constitutes a large part of the rifle training that I received at the Army Special Forces’ Basic Combat Course (which was one of the few Army courses that I attended that was actually worth a damn). In any case, I look forward to Pistol 4 & 5.



Larry, your rifle1 class was amazing. I’m still astonished at how much you care about your students. This is evident in the time and care you take to help us understand the important principles. What you taught in one day has taken me years of study to learn.

The more I ponder what you taught, the more I’m amazed at the depth of understanding you have. I’d always heard; “Get on paper at 25, sight in at 50, confirm at 100,” but NEVER understood WHY? SIMPLIFIED projection of the bullet out to 250-300 is achieved.

Also, your extension to my sling understanding is simply magnificent! It’s like I’ve been drinking 1% milk, and for the first time in my life I’m drinking whole milk!
See Thomas’ full review of Pistol and Rifle at:
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Larry and Stacey,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you both and congratulate you on a great class last Saturday!

I know several people who can shoot well, but it’s quite another thing to teach others to shoot well.

Your curriculum is excellent and I was both observant and impressed by how you were able to run 10 shooters, most of them extreme novices, successfully, safely, and simultaneously through the material.

I was even more impressed in the way that you worked with these students. We had a disparate class – ranging from teenagers to retirees. Yet the two of you were able to cater to each individual, providing instruction that built rather than belittled. It is clear that you have a passion for what you do and that you have a passion for helping your neighbors. I am certain that everyone one of your students goes away from each of your classes gleaning far more than proper shooting mechanics.

I commend you both for your sincerity and integrity and look forward to learning more from you in the future and hope that I can humbly serve you in some small capacity as well.



It is impossible for me to say how much I love your classes and instruction. I am an extremely confident person normally, but this training makes me feel like I could literally take on anything. The experience has been more than I thought it possibly could be. I’m sure it sounds weird, but I love you guys and I appreciate what you do more than you could ever know. I will do my best to get every person I know into your classes!

Thanks for all you do,


I believed that I had training. I had earned marksmanship ribbons from the Navy, spent most of my life using firearms and read a great deal on the subject. I was a great shot…on paper. The reality of my deficiency was something I was hard pressed to admit and I soon realized that I was spending more time and energy trying to assuage my perpetually uneasy pride than I was honing the skills required. Had I allowed my pride to overwhelm my sense, I would have walked (or run) out of Larry and Stacey’s first class, convinced that they were wrong; a stubborn dog licking it’s wounds. Instead, I abandoned my vanity and committed myself to their program. If you can face your own inadequacies and have even a little thickness to your skin then I can recommend these instructors and their program without equivocation. They are seasoned instructors and skilled gun fighters who can trace their pedigree of technique back to the greats. Most of all, I believe them to be good people who are passionate about the skills and message they pass on and actually give a damn about the people they train. If you want foundational training that will help you knock down your faulty habits and build you from the ground up into a functional marksman, this is it.
Troy Gundersen


Larry and Stacey,
Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your class.
I view participation in your training as a privilege.
It has been a life changing experience for me. I appreciate you both for being so kind and patient with me–it has made me feel so much more confident with firearms. I also have grown much by living up to your expectations. I am always impressed with your vast experiences and knowledge and feel honored and grateful to have you both as teachers and as friends.


Before the class, my skills and knowledge of pistols were limited to lame police TV shows (no offence T.J. Hooker), extensive hours on the Xbox, and shooting random objects against remote hill sides with friends that had similar pistol experience. I had no concept of proper stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger press. I knew those skills existed and I knew they were probably good to have, but I had no clue how to properly acquire them on my own. Although YouTube has some great videos of cats making goat sounds, it was hardly the place for learning life saving shooting skills. What drew me to this class was one major fact; a HUGE amount of instructional and real situational shooting experience by the instructors. To put it plainly, they really know their stuff and assisted each of us to reach our potential. What I appreciated throughout the entire course was Larry and Stacy’s constant and consistent enforcement of safety. There was zero tolerance for breaking safety rules, placing our well being above all. I didn’t graduate from the class a perfect shot, but I did graduate as a pretty darn good one. I now feel I have been given the proper knowledge and “toolbox of skills” to build on my shooting abilities through practice and learned shooting drills. Thank you so much Larry and Stacy, A.Munoz Lehi, UT


Class review for Marksmanship Matters Pistol 1 through Pistol 5 Class.
I recently attended five days of intense pistol training in Saratoga Springs, Utah, with instructors Larry and Stacy Mudgett of Marksmanship Matters. I am an experienced shooter, a Viet Nam veteran, and have had many hours of excellent firearms training, and am myself a certified NRA Pistol Instructor. Nothing that I have experienced before this class has given me the kind of skill and the confidence one truly needs to be a safe, responsible, and prepared defensive weapon owner. Larry and Stacey and their assistant instructors are relentless on safety and insist that students get their weapon manipulation and shooting skills burned into their hard drive so that they will succeed under the pressure of a real encounter with a violent threat. That coupled with mindset and awareness lessons from their many years of experience, and their strict yet encouraging teaching styles, you will find training with Marksmanship Matters will bring you to a new level as a shooter. Great folks, great instruction, and great camaraderie, all in a beautiful setting, this training would be a bargain at twice the price. Dave Jiles, Drake Colorado


As a First Family Member, and a 29 year US Army officer; I was skeptical of attending Marksmanship Matters training.

I decided to give it a try and see if the reports I had read were indeed true.

I can say unequivocally YES. The individualized training was the finest I have ever received.

Larry and his staff take all the time necessary to ensure you have a rock solid foundation in safety and weapons fundamentals. They analyze and show you how to develop correct habits and for those of us with BAD habits and poor fundamentals, how to correct those BAD habits.

I have been shooting handguns for over 40 years and had believed I had just plateaued; Larry spent the time and worked with me to discover I was slightly adjusting my grip after each shot.

The level of training is top notch. The class size is limited; we had 12, this lead to a 3 to 1 ratio of student to instructor. Additionally many other firearm classes cater strictly to the new shooter, if you are experienced you are basically on your own. This was not the case with Marksmanship Matters. I received as much one on one training as the student who had never fired a handgun before the class started. Sadly she ended up out shooing me by weeks end.

While the first two days were very elementary, and I was questioning my decision; I can honestly say it was the best handgun training I have ever received. The range days that followed cemented the positive experience I had heard about concerning training with Marksmanship Matters.  I found it was even better than the training I received at Front Sight in the early 2000’s. As most of you know the large number of attendee’s has adversely affected the Front Sight training classes.

John J. Coyle II
CW4 USA (ret)