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Pistol Cleaning Class

The minimum prerequisite for this class is the successful completion of Marksmanship Matters Pistol 1-4.


This is a five hour class where you will learn the safest and most efficient way to disassemble, clean, inspect, reassemble and function test your semi automatic pistol.

This class is limited to ten attendees only.

See schedule for pricing.

The minimum prerequisite is the successful completion of Marksmanship Matters Pistol 1 and Pistol 2 classes.

You may register on line.

Signup on the Schedule & Tuition form HERE.

Please phone or email us if you have any questions. (contact page here)



Pistol Cleaning Equipment List

You have made a wise decision to attend this class.  Like all other aspects of firearms training, shooters do not know what they do not know.  Everyone thinks that they know how to defend themselves with a pistol until they attend class and find out how much they did not know. The same holds true for pistol maintenance. People who have been shooting for a lifetime are always surprised at how much they learn in this class.

Suitable Pistol

Towels- at least two bath size to cover your work table

Soft rags

Cleaning rod-one piece, slightly longer than pistol barrel, aluminum, brass or plastic covered metal, the later, being the least desirable.

Jag tip-flat point (or file it flat) brass in the appropriate caliber

Bore brushes– appropriate caliber, several needed for each cleaning

Patches– appropriate caliber and the next larger caliber for cleaning revolver firing chambers.

Shaving brush-for applying a very light coat of oil to the pistol (avoid using drops which may run where you do not want them) Try Wal Greens

Nylon tooth brush

Brass toothbrushfor revolvers only-If you are cleaning a stainless steel revolver a stainless steel toothbrush can also be useful

WD-40 large spray can

Gun oil-Remington, Hopees or any light gun oil

Thin Rubber gloves-several pairs for each cleaning session

Q-Tips-Large box, no imitations as others tend to shed cotton in the gun

Pipe cleaners if you can find them in Utah

Safety Glasses-Clear, shooting glasses will do

Firearms owner’s manual for gun being cleaned

Note: .380 ACP, 9MM, .38 Special, .357 Magnums, .38 Super, 9X25 Dillon and  .357 Sig all use the same bore brush.  Revolvers will also require chamber brushes.  .357 revolvers may use .40 (not .45) brushes for cleaning the firing chambers however specific .357 “chamber brushes” work better if you can locate them.

.44 Special and .44 Magnum caliber revolvers are actually .429 bore diameters.  A .44 or .45 brush may work in the bore but a .45 brush will work better in the firing chambers.

.45 ACP, .45 S&W, .454 Casull, .460 S&W and .45 Colt revolvers all have a .451 bore and use the same .45 Caliber barrel brushes.

10 MM, .40 S&W .40 Super and .400 Cor Bon have the same .400 bore diameter and use the same .40 caliber bore brushes.

Larry and Stacey Mudgett

Marksmanship Matters