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Handgun Instructor Training School (HITS)

This five-day course will teach you how to train others in defensive pistol shooting. This is not a “how to shoot course,” as are most instructor courses. This is a how to teach it course. You do not fully understand a subject until you can correctly teach it to someone else. Knowing how to safely and effectively train members of your family is a valuable skill. Once certified in this course you will also be qualified to help as a volunteer range coach for Marksmanship Matters to further enhance your instructor skills with no obligation to do so.

The first three days of training are conducted in the classroom. The last two days are held on the live fire range.

See schedule for pricing.
Hours are 0845 to 1700


  •  Completion of and excelling in the Marksmanship Matters Defensive Pistol 1-4
  • By Invitation