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Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

Marksmanship Matters is proud to host this critically important class.

Doc Gunn, Inc. will offer a one-day course on the Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds   on Saturday, June 21, 2014.

Our course is based upon Tactical Medicine principles, but while TacMed is designed for military/police tactical entry team members with specialized medical training, this course is for non-medical personnel who may become involved as primary responders to treat and stabilize victims of gunshot wounds and armed citizens. Originally designed primarily for firearm instructors, home owners/defenders and street police officers, we have also given this course to Federal and Local Law Enforcement Emergency Response Teams and as a Train-the-Trainer program for elements of the United States Marine Corps.

This is a shooting course combined with what you need to do immediately afterward to increase the survivability of gunshot wound victims, including yourself.  Important topics include the Effects of Bullets on Human Tissue, Where to Shoot and How to Place Bullets with Surgical Precision. Following Threat Elimination, we teach How to Identify the Seven Life-Threatening Injuries as well as How to Control Hemorrhage, the major cause of preventable death from gunshot wounds, and How to Relieve a Tension Pneumothorax. Accessing Emergency Medical Services and Maintaining an Emergency GSW Response Kit is also covered.

The course will run from 9 AM to 5 PM and students should bring a suitable defensive handgun of caliber .38 Spl/ 9mm or greater. 100 rounds of jacketed, factory ammunition will probably suffice, but you may want to bring more. A minimum of three magazines should be available for semiautomatic pistols and two speed loaders for revolvers are advised. A rigid holster, magazine/speed loader pouches, eye protection and head-phone-style hearing protection are mandatory. A hat with a brim (baseball-style) is also needed to prevent ejected brass from wedging behind your glasses. Shirts must be closed at the top to prevent brass being trapped against your chest. You may bring lunch or go to a near-by fast food restaurant, but down time will be kept to a minimum.

Successful completion of Marksmanship Matters Pistol 1-5 is the minimum requirement to attend this class.

See schedule for pricing.

We intend to limit the class size to 12 students so an optimal student-to-instructor ratio may be maintained. Checks should be made out to “Doc Gunn, Inc.” and sent care of:

 Marksmanship Matters LLC
C/O Larry Mudgett
212 East Crossroads Blvd.
Suite # 142
Saratoga Springs Utah 84045

You may also contact Doc Gunn via e-mail at

The following DTI link further describes our course.

We feel that the Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds is an important skill that should be part of every shooter’s armament that has previously been neglected.  We look forward to imparting these skills and training with you.

Doc Gunn

“Willingness is a state of mind. READINESS is a statement of fact!”


Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds



ENCLOSE A COPY OF YOUR CURRENT CFP or other STATE GUN PERMIT OR CCW or Graduation Certificate from Marksmanship Matters Pistol Course which is required for all attendees.

Fee – $260 Made Payable to Doc Gunn, Inc. and is due upon registration.