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Moderation or Extremism, Compromise or Principles

Our nation has never faced so much danger from so many directions at once.  The Federal government is 18 trillion in debt and on the verge of becoming bankrupt.  In order to meet these obligations crippling tax increases are being proposed.  Most of the state governments are in financial trouble and many are also on the verge of bankruptcy with staggering debt.  

Our current administration is unilaterally reducing our military capability making us more vulnerable to attack by our many foreign enemies.  Rogue regimes like North Korea now have nuclear weapons and long range delivery systems.  Iran is on the verge of building nuclear weapons while calling for the destruction of Israel and the United States.  The crime rate in many US cities is hard to imagine with a national murder rate in the tens of thousands.   

More than forty percent of all Americans are entirely dependent on the tax payers for their financial support.  Nearly 70 percent of Americans depend on the tax payers for some portion of their support.  “Man on the street interviews” tell us that the average American cannot describe our system of government or even name the vice president.  Progressives, socialists and communists have taken over the (public) “government school system” and academia and use them to indoctrinate our youth into their far left beliefs.  

Tens of millions of illegal aliens have stolen into our country.  They have taken millions of jobs from Americans and bankrupted hospitals, school systems, and governments at all levels.  The Federal government has taken control of banks, businesses, state and local governments and private industry.


Our Constitution has been ignored and scoffed at by politicians at every level of government.  Progressive activists appointed to our courts by corrupt administrations, have “Interpreted the Constitution,” until it has lost much of its meaning and purpose.  Religion, which is supposed to be protected from government has been pushed aside and ridiculed by the courts, the politicians and academia.                       

Our Constitution, our freedoms, our nationality, our form of government, our language, our culture and our very existence has never been in such jeopardy as they are now and each new day brings more evidence of these dangers.

How did we get here?  How did things go from being so great to the verge of collapse?  There are many details that we could examine.  The progressives, collectivists, Communists, and Marxists have been working to fundamentally change our nation for 170 years.  There have been thousands of blows struck.  The left has been very patient, willing to bide their time.  Now they are close to achieving their ultimate goals and as they see the finish line within sight they are pushing down hard on the throttle.  

I believe that when an activist court ruled that the commerce clause in effect nullified the rest of the Constitution, a pivotal blow was struck and made the current situation possible.  Constitutional Amendments 13 through 27 perhaps had even more to do with getting us into this treasonous situation.  The Civil War which in effect undermined the 10th Amendment was another serious blow.

I hold “We the people,” responsible.  I do believe that “the people get the government they deserve.”  The Japanese people paid dearly for following their government into war.  The Germans paid a terrible price for allowing the Nazis to take power.  The Italian people suffered greatly for failing to oppose a Fascist government.    

We are about to pay a terrible price for allowing our government to be subverted and altered.  We bear the responsibility because we are the overseers of our government.   We Americans have restrained ourselves and compromised until our form of government, our Constitution and even our very Nationality are in serious jeopardy.  The Communist Movement follows a doctrine which states, “What is ours is ours and what is yours is negotiable.”  Compromise to those on the left means, how much are we willing to give them.  They never give anything.  They will sometimes agree to a compromise but when it comes time for their side to pay up they never do.                                                                               

One of our mistakes has been to believe that the other side is as honorable as we are.   Their motto, “The ends justify the means,” is not just a slogan.  Those on the  left truly believe that lying to us each and every day is not a problem, it is their duty because they think that they know what is best for us and we will all be happier when they achieve a Marxist utopia.  

Many of our citizens believe that they are intellectually superior to you and me.  These smug Americans, along with most of our representatives feel that they are so smart they can always work out a compromise (example: Iran).  It is obvious that Obama suffers from this delusion.  These egotists have compromised our liberty and our security.   Whether these folks are foolish, naive or of evil intent, the result is the same.  They compromise away our rights, our freedom, and our security.

This false belief of intellectual superiority has led many to assume that taking sides is not necessary.  As a result the Constitution hangs on by a thread.  The other side does not compromise and we do.  The left keeps changing the standard for what is normal and we allow them to do so.  This has led to a steady erosion of all that we cherish and all that has made this the greatest Nation on earth. 

Compromising has come to mean selling your principles.   Would you compromise your belief in God?  Would you compromise the lives of your children?  Would you accept slavery over battle?  If not, then why have we allowed the left to compromise the principles of the divinely inspired Constitution of our Nation?  Where will it end?  The extreme left believes that they know where it will end.  They believe that you will continue to allow them to take your freedoms one at a time until they have “Fundamentally changed America,” and they are well on their way to doing just that.                                                                      

Moderation is a form of compromise.  Civilized people often like to think of themselves as moderates.  They believe that extremism on either side is bad.  The Nazis and the Japanese Empire started a world war which resulted in the death of 50 million people.  Should we have fought back with moderation?  Should we have compromised on which countries we allowed them to rape and slaughter?  The destruction of sovereign nations and the murder of their populations can never be excused based on a belief that compromise is always the best course.  Throughout history some have called for moderation and compromise no matter what the consequences.  Does Neville Chamberlain come to mind?

America is in her current danger in part because we have prided ourselves on moderation and compromise.   We have been at our greatest, defeating Nazism and Fascism when we put aside moderation and compromise and defended freedom around the world with extremism.  Whenever we have compromised we have lost or at least failed to win.

The time to stop compromising our principles is now.  The time to restore our Constitution is now.  The time to take back our nation is now.  The time to secure our nations sovereignty is now.  It is up to us, “We the people.”  There is no one else.  There is only you and me.  We are the true government.  The government is not a bunch of Socialists/Marxist who lied when they pledged their oath to the Constitution.  It is us.  We the people are the legitimate government.  The time for sitting on the fence is over.  It is time to choose a side.   

When we win this battle, restore our Constitution and take our nation back, those who were on the wrong side will have a price to pay.  If we lose the entire world may well enter the neo dark ages.   Those who think that they are so smart they do not need to choose a side may also be required to pay a heavy price for their arrogance and lack of patriotism.  One hundred thousand Americans who supported the British during the American Revolutionary War were exiled from our Nation.  Those who supported the losing side during the American Revolution had a price to pay and so it may be again.

Remember the day after the after the 911 attacks, when George Bush proclaimed to the world, “You are with us or you are with the terrorists.”  He was right.  Let us now proclaim, “You are with us or you are with the Marxists and the Jihadists.”  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”   “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!  And let me remind you also that moderation in the purist of justice is no virtue.” (Barry Goldberg)  

Those who are waiting for leadership to get us out of this mess need to look inward.  Few great leaders are born to lead.  There are only Americans who step up when history demands.  Leaders will come forward when the people show them they need and deserve to be led.  Leaders will take great risk when they know that the people are behind them.


We have to start thinking in a different way.  No more compromises, no more moderation.  We must fight with ballots, we must fight with demonstrations.  We must fight by joining forces with every organization whose goals include the restoration of the Constitution such as the 912 project, the Tea Party, the Patrick Henry Caucus, The Oath Keepers and Utah Rising.  We must fight by educating every person we know.  We must fight by every peaceful means available to us.  

Murder by government was the single most common cause of death in the 20th Century.  In view of the fact that 292 million civilians were murdered by their own governments during the 20th Century, we should be prepared to defend and protect our families should we be attacked by any enemy foreign or domestic.  

Stand up and stand firm.  The destruction of our Constitution stops here.  ONE MORE ROUND OF COMPROMISE AND MODERATION AND THERE WILL BE NO AMERICA LEFT TO SAVE.

Stand up now and pray for God to bless America and help us all to restore her greatness or our Nation and the very concept of freedom will be lost.  History has proven repeatedly that once a Nation surrenders her liberty it can only be regained by blood.   Do not surrender your liberty for the road back to freedom will be through hell.

Lawrence and Stacey Mudgett

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