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By Larry & Stacey Mudgett

I would like to share something that I have been considering.

The US Army sends everyone to Basic Training and then to specialty schools to learn their specific military occupation such as communications or helicopter repair, etc. Only those soldiers who will be Infantrymen are sent to Infantry school to learn more than the basics of fighting.

The Marine Corps sends its recruits to Boot Camp and then every Marine goes to Infantry school and learns how to fight. Then, the recruit is sent to his specialty school to learn to drive tanks or whatever. This is one of the reasons that the Marine Corps has a reputation for winning fights. Every Marine is trained to fight first.

Numerous retired Generals who are now free to speak out say that we will be fighting Islam for a hundred years or more. This means our children and grandchildren will be fighting these savages, not just overseas but right here at home. I am suggesting that as a society we need to be more like the Marines and less like the Army.

Consider the upbringing of our children the equivalent of “Boot Camp” where they learn much of what they need to know for life. Before we send them to college or a trade school or on a mission we should send them to infantry school. What I mean by that is we need to train our youth to fight if they are to preserve Western culture and religious freedom.

While the Islamic world is teaching their children how to cut our throats our children are playing soccer and in school learning how to be politically correct. We not only need to teach our children about God and right from wrong, we need to teach them how to survive in an increasingly hostile world.

Our children should be training in the martial arts as soon as they are old enough to do so. We (you-all of us) would do well to train our children to fight with firearms as soon as they are mature enough to do so safely. This training should be accomplished long before they leave home. This applies equally to girls as well as boys.

Jeff Cooper once published a list of skills that every young person should have before they leave home. In that vein I suggest that we teach our children the rifle and pistol and see that they learn empty hand skills as well. Many of you are already following this course. Your children are in martial arts and you have made sure that they learned how to fight with firearms. For this I commend you. For those who have not considered what I am suggesting here, perhaps I have been able to inspire you to do more to prepare your youth.

Train your children, train your grandchildren, train your spouse. If you embark on this mission and need advice please do not hesitate to contact us. Our strong belief that our youth will one day be dependent on their ability to fight is why we keep lowering the minimum age for attending our classes. For Christmas in 1971 I gave my sister Sherri and my brother Mark tuition in a Karate school. I feel that was money well spent.

In 1976 I told Jeff Cooper that America would eventually be attacked by Muslim terrorists. He mentioned my warning in print. While on Presidential Security for Reagan I mentioned to several Secret Service Agents that I feared terrorists would fly an aircraft into the building to kill the President. After terrorists failed to force French pilots to fly their aircraft into the Eiffel tower I said the next time they try this they will know how to fly the aircraft themselves. Then 911 occurred.

I am simply saying that I have seen this coming for a long time and we owe it to our youth to prepare them to win. I do not pray for peace as slaves may well be at peace. I Pray for victory as I know that evil is not going to stop on its own.

Be well and God bless

Larry and Stacey Mudgett


PS. When I was training the USMC Recon back in the late 80s I saw a poster which really stuck in my mind.Under the picture of a Marine holding his rifle and standing with one foot on the chest of a dead NVA soldier, it read:“No enemy soldier has ever been killed with a soccer ball, a baseball, a football or a tennis ball. This has always been the job of an accomplished Rifleman.”

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  1. Doc Gunn says:

    “Every Marine is a Rifleman,” from Cook to the Commandant of the Corps!

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